A downloadable game for Windows

Caution: Game Jam Entry 

Play as "Slug the Ripper" in old-steampunk london and get a higher kill-score than anyone before you.

Use [w] [a] [s] [d] to walk around the streets.

Use [1] [2] [3] for our abilities and left-click input.

You can pause the game with [p].


Tore Braun (Code)

Erik Hasenknopf (Code)

Tobias Wildenblanck (Gamedesign)

Nicolas Marschall (Gamedesign, VFX)

Paula Gruner (Gamedesign, UI/UX)

Olga Kondyurina  (2D Art)

Julian Thesing (3D Modeling)

Niklas Richter (3D Modeling)

Sarah Frixeder (Character Art and Animation)

Annalia Perez (VFX)

Dominik Habyrka (Music and Sound)

-glhf with kindest regards your biggest gamejam team ever


Slug the Ripper 712 MB

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